Peter Smittenaar

I am currently a researcher and data scientist at an exciting young company called Hinge Health. I study the clinical efficacy of our chronic knee pain and low back pain Digital Care Programs, and use experiments and data to figure out how we can better help people with musculoskeletal pain.

Before that I was the science lead in the Citizen Science team at Cancer Research UK. We developed applications that let the public help out with large-scale data analysis projects in cancer research.

In April 2015 I finished my PhD in neuroscience (pdf) with Ray Dolan at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL. This work on the neuroscience of decision-making and reward learning was the foundation for my Henry Wellcome fellowship to do 4 years of independent post-doctoral research, which I ended up foregoing.

I am also one of the developers of The Great Brain Experiment, a smartphone game that collects behavioural science data from across the population with 130k users and counting.


PhD thesis

Smittenaar, P. (2015) Action control in uncertain environments. [pdf]


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