Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

The Rwenzori mountains were formed as part of the Albertine Rift that created many lakes and mountains in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. The Rwenzoris form a natural border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The village you see here, at its southeastern side, is Kilembe.

One of the rivers that drains the Rwenzoris into Lake George to its southeast suffered a major flood in May 2013. The bridge that serves Kilembe did not survive, and has not been rebuilt 3 months later.

The small village has a school that serves the many kids that live in the area.

The Rwenzoris are infamous for bad weather, which we somehow managed to avoid.

The scenery consists of endless hills, small waterfalls, and mountains in the mist.

The unique climate conditions, including altitude, temperature and rainfall, lead to a unique flora. Especially amazing are the Giant Lobelias.

Though not especially rich in wildlife, in the lower ranges you can find the odd monkey or, in our case, butterflies and chameleons.